Waverly Oak Small Bookcase in Light Oak Finish | 3 Shelf Storage Low Bookshelf | Solid Wooden Bookshelves Unit

At 45 cm wide and 85 cm tall, this bookcase can be used as a bed-side table, perfect for holding pre-bedtime novels and light reading, whilst the hard-wearing top surface is ideal for holding a lamp or evening drink.

The solid oak bookcase is crafted from 100% light oak, and finished with a hard-wearing lacquer, made from natural products, which protects the wood whilst enhancing the natural colours and patterns for a contemporary, stylish finish and a long-lasting piece of furniture.

For use in other rooms, consider placing this piece in a study or office to hold important documents and files, or in a child's bedroom to store the all-important bedtime stories. Within a hobby or craft room, this piece is perfect for storing craft supply boxes, instruction books and inspirational magazines. This piece is also ideal for student accommodation due to its small size and generous storage solutions, also ideal to use as a CD or DVD rack. The bookcase features height-adjustable selves which can be altered to accommodate any height of book, file or folder.

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