Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad Clock Pull Cord 500mm x 390mm

Illuminated Demister Mirror

Product: Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad IP44 and Clock 500mm x 390mm

Size: 500mm x 390mm
Lamp: G13/T8 2 x MAX. 15W
Warranty:1 year
Demister: Yes
Clock: Yes
Sensor: No

1.Efficient demister
It will take 1-3 minutes to remove the mist from the mirror normally. Leaving you with a completely clear reflection, no-matter how much steam is in the air.

2.Energy saving
Energy LED saving lights to prevent wasting your money.

3.Stylish Design
21st century mirror design makes your bathroom look modern.

4.Scrupulous package
The mirror will be protected by some heavy plastic foam around. The box is made of durable carton and is also pasted some label like fragile and glass outside the package to be a warning.


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