Umbrella Stands

As essential pieces for the hallway, umbrella stands are highly functional considering umbrellas are not always required. They need to be stored in a good place until required later. A hook or closet can store any umbrella but during winter and rainy days you might require a place to keep them safe while very wet. You need something better apart leaning it against the hallway wall. The umbrella stand easily ensures umbrellas remain upright and not littered across the entryway. There are also stands you can choose that ensures water does not drip from the umbrella creating a water pool across the floor. Different types of umbrella stands exist, such as base stands elevated around two feet or so from the surface. They offer an efficient and simple way of ensuring the umbrella remains as upright as possible. You can also find an umbrella rack that combines both an umbrella stand and a coat rack. The combo option has the umbrella stand around the base while the coat rack is at the top.

18″ Black & White Retro Umbrella Stand

A lovely piece for the porch or hallway, this 18 inch tall umbrella stand is made from heavy ceramic with a high glaze over a black and white Victorian Umbrella print. Measuring 19cms in diameter, theres plenty of room to keep your brollies tidy and stop those puddles on a rainy day.