Funky Chunky Furniture Rustic Chunky Wood 2 Leg 2in Top Coffee Table , Gothic , 100cm

Funky Chunky Furniture 2 Leg 2in Top Coffee Table

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At Funky Chunky Furniture, we know how important it is for you and all of our customers to get the absolute top quality handcrafted furniture made right here in the UK … and that is exactly what we do! Everything we make is produced by us, in our own riverside workshop, by our own skilled joiners, in the North East of England.

Not only that, but we only use the best, solid, chunky timber to create all of our goods – so no cheap and nasty man-made materials! This means that what you get is beautifully crafted furniture, made from the very best selection of solid pine, with all of those natural characters only Mother Nature herself can provide.

To top all this off and to really highlight the unique and natural features, such as bows, twists, shakes, knots and waney edges, you get to add your own choice of one of six stunning wax polishes to be professionally applied and finish your own, completely unique, piece of Funky Chunky Furniture.

Our Coffee Tables

Built from some very chunky pieces of timber, these coffee tables are built to last!

With two 9×3 inch thick legs and a 2 inch top sitting on them you are guaranteed to get the ultimate coffee table, capable of withstanding any amount of cups and mugs (or even your feet after a hard days work)!

Once you receive the package all you need to do is attach the legs, with the screws provided, put it in place and enjoy your new piece of Funky Chunky Furniture.

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