Corona Extending Dining Table

Corona Extending Dining Table in Distressed Waxed Mexican Pine.

The Corona Extending Dining Table is an excellent product for anyone who requires additional seating at only specific times of the year.
The Corona Extending Dining Table is specifically designed to cater for either four, six or eight people, with a simple removable quadrant located in the middle of the table to make for an easy extension.
Like all of the Corona Pine furniture range, the Corona Extending Dining Table is made from only the finest solid Mexican Pine wood to make for a strong and sturdy yet stylish design.

All of our bestselling Corona Pine ranges have been stained, sanded and then coated in a premium wax, which not only enhances the natural shine of the Pine wood, but provides some much-needed additional protection from premature damage in the form of dents or scratches.
The Corona Extending Dining Table is the perfect product to use all year round on the four person setting but easily transforms into an elegant 8 person table when extended.

Self-Assembly Required, Supplied complete with assembly instructions and fittings.

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