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Bookcase Buying Guide from Furniture Shop Online

oak bookcase

A Brief History

Bookcases may now be a feature of everyday life just as much as any other piece of furniture, but this was not always the case. Books were not widely owned in any form until the invention of the printed press made it possible, alongside expanding levels of literacy and the drop in the cost of books. For generations beforehand, handwritten manuscripts had been accessible from cupboards or single containers only to the rich and members of the church. When books began to be printed for mass consumption, they also changed their appearance, with the spine now carrying the title to make it easy to select a particular book from what came to be known as the common bookcase, which contained books ordered side-by-side with only the spines visible. Today, bookcases are no longer even restricted to containing books, often containing a variety of other items. Nonetheless, the modern home rarely feels complete without one.

Where to add a bookcase?

The proliferating number of different uses for bookcases is reflected in their location in the home, too. No longer are they seen simply in living rooms or studies, crammed with books and nothing else. Today, bookcases are a great way of adding practicality to basically any part of the house. They have various different purposes regardless of where they are sited. They often contain CDs, DVDs, letters and magazines, along with similar items that would otherwise make a room look untidy, while keeping them visible so that they can be easily found and retrieved. Other items known to appear in bookcases which help to make a room look more attractive include plants, ornaments and family photographs.

Choosing the right bookcase

It is important to choose the right bookcase for your individual needs from the huge variety of models available. You should first decide which items will end up being stored in it. Take a look at everything in your house that you intend to store in the bookcase, as it is easy to underestimate how much you’ve got. This will make it easier to determine the size that your new bookcase should be. The chosen bookcase should have enough space to store the exact items that you intend it to hold.  Although adjustable shelves are a feature of certain bookcases, this is not the case for all, so you will need to be certain that you can store any potentially awkward items like especially tall hardback books. You will then need to decide on the space in your house where the bookcase will be positioned. To do this, you will need to figure out the exact proportions of the space, after which you will be able to choose between a tall or thin, and wide or deep bookcase. There is a bookcase out there to suit anyone!

Style and wood type

Our oak bookcases vary widely, and include pine, oak and painted models. You will need to look at your new bookcase’s intended new home and consider whether it fits in well with the décor and furniture, as such a big thing as a bookcase can clash badly if you choose the wrong one. You may have the option of simply picking out your favourite wood if you’re creating a new room. Pine is associated with cleanliness and lightness, whereas there is a deeper and richer quality to oak. Don’t be afraid to go for whatever style suits you best. After all, any bookcase is a great idea for the home.


All About Shopping Online For Home Furniture and a Brief Idea about the Creditability Websites

furniture shop online

Know what you are buying and how it will help in the longer run

While one shifts in the house of dreams, he or she does not want any stone to be left un-turned in order to make his home a beautiful place. With the budget kept in mind, everyone can add up things that will enhance the beauty of the house. As we know, with the advent in the technology and modern sources things have become very less complex.
Earlier, in order to decorate home one would travel to shops and buy furniture from there but, this concept has changed. The online platform has provided a revolutionary concept of shopping. More and more people across the globe now prefer the method of online shopping, as compared to the retro concept. Well, there are many benefits which are attached to online shopping.The huge range of furniture which has made people accessible to a greater variety is something which everyone cherishes. Let us now learn about some basic tips which are important while you shop for home furniture online.

The quality and material used in the making of home furniture

There are many varieties of wood available in the market. One has to be very precise in making the right decision for the choice of furniture he or she is going to buy. Different types of woods have different pricing and one should have proper knowledge if teak wood is costly or oak wood is. This can be termed as the first step for knowing what you are paying for. So, before you add home furniture to the cart make sure you know about the wood quality you buy.

Secure transactions and easy to return policy

The website in order to secure the information provided by the buyer should have a secure payment gateway! This makes transactions secure and keeps you away from threats which are present online. Secondly, we must focus on the most important part of home furniture shopping, which is easy and trouble free return policy.
However, almost every website offers a policy where the items can be returned, but, it is recommended that you go through the policy by your own once. Just to make sure that the website does not create any trouble after you have decided to return the furniture.

Range and different models which are not in the market

One of the benefits of shopping online for the home furniture UK is that once you have visited stores and the market, the limited variety will allow you to shop in those only. But, in the case of an online platform, the huge variety enables the end user to choose from the variety and have a better option.
Furniture shops online will make sure that you have the best range of products in one place. We all know that home furniture cannot be limited to a few items; this is the reason why the industry of home furniture is growing rapidly. With the entry of online platforms, it has grown into a vast industry. The need of furniture is also increasing as there are end numbers of buyers who require home furniture.
To meet the demand and supply, online platforms are able to fulfill all the needs of the consumers. There are some other things as well which need to be kept in mind for better shopping experience.

Knowing the size of the room or the area where you want the furniture to be installed
(Haste makes waste, know the details first!)

The size of the room or the place where the furniture is being placed matters a lot. People often buy the wrong sized sofas and later on regret on doing so. This isn’t accepted as there are many things which can hamper the beauty of the furniture such as congestion in the area and too much of things around.
If in case you are looking for neat atmospheres make sure you have sufficient space left for other things to accommodate as well. Furniture shops UK offer a huge variety, but having proper measurements is also important. So, keep that in mind before you buy any home décor or furniture online.

The color and ambience of the surroundings

Home furniture which compliments everything!

Buy furniture which resembles the color and ambience of the place, like a king size sofa won’t match with an office desk, similarly, the use of furniture should be in a way that it compliments everything that surrounds it. There are many things which can be bought as accessories for the furniture shop online UK like the same color lamp or the décor on the wall which looks alike the furniture. These small things play an important role in the making of your room into a better place.

Asking out the experts on the website

(Consulting an interior designer)

A good website for the sale of furniture shop online will always make sure that the buyer is fully satisfied with what he or she is buying. In order to clear any sort of questions in the head, you can contact the experts from the website or even an interior designer who can help you out in buying the right furniture for your place.
These are points which in the long run help in maintaining the life of the furniture as well. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of wood quality present in the market the life cycle of the wood will also determine that for how long will you be able to cherish the furniture.

Be an early bird and keep an eye over the latest trends

(Knowing what’s worth the shot)

Web sites with different furniture on sale can let you have an idea about what is latest; this is done through the advertisement section. So, if in case you are planning to buy furniture, start a bit early and make sure you are updated about the latest trends in the market.

Shop online at Furniture Shop Online, a credible online home furnishings website with more than 10000 items under one roof!



Futuristic modern interior design: The trends of the future

Whilst there are plenty of designers who take great pleasure in drawing on the past, in particular classic opulent styles of royalty and mid-century pieces with a modern element it should be noted it is the designers that reach out to the future who are creating a new generation of interior design.

The interior design trends that are creeping into homes are far from being science fiction but more cutting edge as we welcome straight lines, greys and simple but modern looks.  The future looks exciting.

What better way to look into the future than with futurist interior design.  Furniture designers are recognising that the modern living space where we spend a large proportion of time require aesthetically appealing décor and furniture to demonstrate the functionality, the comfort and the interest of the room with major modern trends.

Futuristic interior design admittedly is one of the most amazing trends in home furnishings.  Creating something for those who will breathe the artistic look day in, day out.  With the addition of light fixtures and décor, designers are creating a home that is not only beautiful but also functional.  Creating something today that will last a lifetime.

Interior design is an art especially modern futuristic interior design.  It gives the designer the opportunity to take a sneak into the future, the way they view it.  They are able to take contemporary furniture of today and turn it into a trend of the future.


Futuristic modern interior design- The trends of the future 2


What are these futuristic interior design trends?

Have you heard of the international home decorating fair in Cologne?  It is one of the most prestigious events in the interior design calendar.  These exhibitions show the latest trends and more importantly the future of interior design.  During these events designers showcase their best pieces using new materials, innovative accessories and creative light fixtures to bring their piece to the forefront, Cologne is the central place where designers share ideas and finished products.

Designers from all over the world will bring to the fair new ideas, concepts and new designs.  It is not uncommon to see recycled materials (plastics, woods and metals) and natural materials to set the next trend in interior design.

We take a look at four trends evolving.  Each of them unique – trickery, comfort zone, rehab, and discipline as we explore these in more detail.


Futuristic modern interior design- The trends of the future 3


Developed from the word rehabilitation this is a theme for those that are bored of seeing the same boring and unchallenging designs.  The rehab theme draws on recycled materials and advancements in technology to bring a functional concept to clutter free living spaces.  Green living certainly runs heavily in the theme.

Rehab pushes towards only buying key pieces that you need.  These items are functional additions for those who refuse to accumulate lots of accessories and furniture.  This trend suggests that people should get rid of all their accessories and anything that clutters their home and their life.  Do you agree?


This is a trend that focuses on creating a warm, cosy living space where people feel their most relaxed.  Modern futuristic designs include luxurious and bright pieces to simple and rustic.  Designers focus on everyday pieces to create an unusual and stylish piece that is created from something in your home.  Think a wooden dining table with a twist.  Other designs are inspired by English Victorian but more importantly they are all designed with eco-friendly materials.


The green theme runs heavily in this trend again as upcycled materials are used to create practical pieces.  Designers create pieces that have a purpose and a meaning.  Its functionality is determined by its texture, colour and shape.


Think fresh and creative designs.  Interesting colours and materials are used to create designs that are not exactly what they look like.  Is it a bed or is it a table?  There is a surprising element on these pieces as unusual shapes make an appearance.

The idea of trickery design is to demonstrate that no material should be wasted and using recycled materials cleverly can create a contemporary and modern finish.

It is clear to see there is an appetite for futuristic modern designs.  These designs give onlookers an insight into the future.  There is lots of interest in futuristic designs that it is further proof that people want to step away from the furniture of today and yesterday as they welcome the design of the future.


Futuristic modern interior design- The trends of the future 4


How do you keep on top of tomorrow’s trends?

Days of going to your local shop to get access to stacks of glossy magazines so you could cut out your favourite pieces to create a collage.  The internet has inspired us to get our hands on thousands of options within a single click of the mouse.  And a bookmarking tool to keep them organised.  We used mood boards and a tad of imagination to create our dream home but then along came Pinterest.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool to have at our disposal.  It allows us to create a plethora of ideas.  Capture different elements of your favourite images to create your own design.  It is worth noting that with Pinterest you are exposed to an extensive range of images, you will be spoilt for choice.   Pinterest also opens your eyes to ideas you may have previously dismissed or not known about.

Let your imagination go wild.  Can be a little overwhelming at first but is also great fun once you get into the swing of how it works. For more inspiration please visit Furniture Shop Online.