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A Brief History

Bookcases may now be a feature of everyday life just as much as any other piece of furniture, but this was not always the case. Books were not widely owned in any form until the invention of the printed press made it possible, alongside expanding levels of literacy and the drop in the cost of books. For generations beforehand, handwritten manuscripts had been accessible from cupboards or single containers only to the rich and members of the church. When books began to be printed for mass consumption, they also changed their appearance, with the spine now carrying the title to make it easy to select a particular book from what came to be known as the common bookcase, which contained books ordered side-by-side with only the spines visible. Today, bookcases are no longer even restricted to containing books, often containing a variety of other items. Nonetheless, the modern home rarely feels complete without one.

Where to add a bookcase?

The proliferating number of different uses for bookcases is reflected in their location in the home, too. No longer are they seen simply in living rooms or studies, crammed with books and nothing else. Today, bookcases are a great way of adding practicality to basically any part of the house. They have various different purposes regardless of where they are sited. They often contain CDs, DVDs, letters and magazines, along with similar items that would otherwise make a room look untidy, while keeping them visible so that they can be easily found and retrieved. Other items known to appear in bookcases which help to make a room look more attractive include plants, ornaments and family photographs.

Choosing the right bookcase

It is important to choose the right bookcase for your individual needs from the huge variety of models available. You should first decide which items will end up being stored in it. Take a look at everything in your house that you intend to store in the bookcase, as it is easy to underestimate how much you’ve got. This will make it easier to determine the size that your new bookcase should be. The chosen bookcase should have enough space to store the exact items that you intend it to hold.  Although adjustable shelves are a feature of certain bookcases, this is not the case for all, so you will need to be certain that you can store any potentially awkward items like especially tall hardback books. You will then need to decide on the space in your house where the bookcase will be positioned. To do this, you will need to figure out the exact proportions of the space, after which you will be able to choose between a tall or thin, and wide or deep bookcase. There is a bookcase out there to suit anyone!

Style and wood type

Our oak bookcases vary widely, and include pine, oak and painted models. You will need to look at your new bookcase’s intended new home and consider whether it fits in well with the décor and furniture, as such a big thing as a bookcase can clash badly if you choose the wrong one. You may have the option of simply picking out your favourite wood if you’re creating a new room. Pine is associated with cleanliness and lightness, whereas there is a deeper and richer quality to oak. Don’t be afraid to go for whatever style suits you best. After all, any bookcase is a great idea for the home.

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