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#1 Caterham Oak 3 Door Wardrobe Review

#1 Caterham Oak 3 Door Wardrobe Review

If you are like most of us the bedroom is the best place to express your personal tastes and individuality. You also have the benefit of choosing the furniture you want, from the style, colour to the exact make. With a great wardrobe you are assured that all those outfits and accessories you have added in recent times will not be lost in a closet or trunk somewhere and suffer serious disuse. While looking for a wardrobe we had the good fortune of coming across the Caterham Oak 3-Door Wardrobe. If you are thinking about portability, security and safety there are various reasons why this wardrobe is a good bet as we came to find out.

Solid oak and oak veneers
In a single box you will find the 3-door wardrobe including its assembly instructions plus a fixing kit-but that's not where the real value lies. The wardrobe is a perfect blend between contemporary and traditional tastes. It's made using oak veneers and top quality solid oak. It's 184 by 139 by 21cm and only 80 kilograms in an appealing brown colour.

Internal shelf
The Caterham 3 door wardrobe comes with an internal shelf, including an overall sophisticated yet simple design. Partial assembly is required with about two people enough to complete the job, considering all the instructions and kit needed are provided. The oak veneers and solid oak brown wardrobe has three doors to make sure your clothes are easier to arrange and choose.

Features and Specifications:
  • Includes internal shelf
  • Sophisticated yet simple
  • Made using oak veneers and solid oak for a durable bedroom furniture
  • It's 80 kilograms in weight at the time of shipping
  • Includes fixing kit and assembly instructions

Customer scores and reviews
A highly portable, simple to assemble, affordable and quality piece of bedroom furniture, the Caterham Oak 3 Door Wardrobe will cater for all your wardrobe related storage needs. Currently the wardrobe has a five-star rating in Amazon with the general agreement being that it looks great and of good value. Considering there are no objections to the fact that it's a great product, we can't agree more; it's an important addition to any bedroom.

The Caterham Oak 3-Door Wardrobe is great for any bedroom to help utilise the space you have and store as much accessories and clothes as you can. It's even great for those who intend to move out of their current place of residence in the near future.


#2 Core Products Three Door Wardrobe Review

#2 Core Products Three Door Wardrobe Review

Core Products Three Door Wardrobe Review Perhaps you have looked around your bedroom and realised you don’t have adequate storage space for most of your clothes. A freestanding wardrobe made of the right material, style and price can do wonders to any bedroom. Such is the Core Products Three Door Wardrobe we came across, designed specifically for any one in need of easy storage. Here's why.

Functional and decorative
Core Products Three Door Wardrobe is great not just for clothes and accessories storage but also for decorative purposes, particularly if your bedroom is in need of something striking. It's designed with easy storage and usage in mind, made from durable material, high quality and durable. The bedroom furniture piece comes with its own fixings.

Functionally made
The antique wax Core Products Three Door Wardrobe is functionally completed with hanging rail and internal shelf in a Mexican style. It also includes black hardware, especially the hinges and door handles.

Features and Specs:
  • Bedroom furniture in Mexican style enhanced with dark hardware to contrast beautifully with the antique wax hue
  • Includes both internal shelf and hanging rail
  • Skilfully crafted with home decor and easy storage in mind
  • 74 kilogram in weight and 56.2 by 151.6 by 189.7 centimetres in dimensions

Customer reviews and scores
Sometimes you need functional bedroom furniture that is highly usable while adding something extra to the decor. Core Products Three Door Wardrobe accomplishes this as a verified customer in Amazon has indicated, to the effect that it's a furniture piece that "looks and feels sturdy" once assembled and "good value for money". In fact if you don't have a person to help you with the assembly you can do so alone.

Everyone wants a sturdy furniture piece that also looks great and the Core Products Three Door Wardrobe is exactly that if the customer review is anything to go by. It's also great value for money; affordable than most wooden wardrobes out there.


#3 French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe Review

#3 French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe Review

Anyone who prefers a freestanding wardrobe to add a bit of storage space in the bedroom seeks the best piece that suits his/her space, style and clothes. On coming across the French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe we believe it is wonderful bedroom furniture to store what you love collecting; clothes. Here's why.

Solid oak
Durability in a wardrobe is everything and this rustic 100 percent solid oak furniture piece promises that. Constructed in fresh new oak it's creatively crafted to resemble decades of usage as all rustic designs are.

Spacious wardrobe
The French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe is spacious and allows clothes to be hanged in style. It's stylishly French in design and comes with a hanging rail on its larger part, including a larger bottom part to maximise on storage. There's also another hanging rail on the wardrobe's small part easily removed to allow you to create more space for two adjustable high shelves. It's also possible to use the hanging rail and shelves together while the base has two drawers with enough space to store more accessories safely.

Great design
French designs are remarkable and the Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe is nothing less. It features superbly carved arched skirt and flared cornice, doors and panelled sides. For stronger and durable drawers dovetail joint is used. No veneer or MDF has been used anywhere in the wardrobe except 100 percent solid oak.

Features and specifications:
  • 100 percent solid oak made
  • charming rustic range
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Brown in colour with dimensions of 156 by 63 by 193 centimetres

Customer reviews and score
On Amazon the French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe has been rated with five stars and considered by a verified purchaser to be a "lovely wardrobe", "solidly made" and "good quality". Nonetheless, a user has indicated it's a bit tricky to put together alone as much as the finished product is superbly made that assembly doesn't need a lot of effort.

Considering verified reviews agree it's a quality product solidly made, the French Rustic Solid Oak Triple Door Wardrobe is perhaps what you need to keep your belongings, accessories and clothes neatly away apart from enhancing the interior of the bedroom.


#4 Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe Review

#4 Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe Review

While looking for a wardrobe to complete your bedroom furniture with a functional piece that will keep your clothes tidy in every way you might find a number of choices to go with. One of these capable of bringing out your room in the best way possible is the Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3-Door and 3-Drawer Wardrobe. Here's why we think so.

Comes with three doors and three drawers
The Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3-Door and 3-Drawer Wardrobe is made up of three doors and three drawers in a heart-warming shade of cream. It also arrives with the same items as shipped and quite easy to assemble.

Great for those who have lots of accessories in their bedrooms, it makes putting them away safely easy courtesy of the three doors and three drawers. The antique pine in cream colour is a wonderful additional to most bedrooms with matching decor and taste.

Solid pine
The Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3-Door and 3-Drawer Wardrobe is made of solid pine enhanced with MDF and painted with cream. The handles and top are also made of pine.

Features and Specs:
  • Made of sturdy pine wood with MDF
  • Features three drawers and three doors with handles and the top also made of pine

Customer reviews and scores
One of the most important traits in any piece of furniture is the quality and functionality. The Heartlands Furniture Skagen 3-Door and 3-Drawer Wardrobe has been rated with five stars in Amazon with the general agreement that its of "good quality" and "delivered very quickly" with "simple instructions" on assembling it. We agree with the user review and recommend it for those seeking to add a little storage space in their bedrooms, keep their clothes safe, clean and organised amidst adding a decorative item worth a second look.

Considering it's easy to assemble has enough extra storage space, a great design and colour this functional bedroom furniture piece is worth its place in any bedroom.


#5 Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe Review

#5 Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe Review
If you already have a great home where other rooms have been added with the right furniture you have no choice but bring your bedroom at par. The wardrobe is important in any bedroom and finding the right one depends on your needs. We found the Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe to be an interesting piece of bedroom furniture with the right features you definitely need in your bedroom

Solid pine made
The Pickwick bedroom collection is made from high quality solid pine to create a timeless classic presented in an antique finish capable of bringing out the best in any bedroom. It's only 62 kilograms in weight and its natural colour will augur well with any flooring taste. Product dimensions at the time of shipping are 170 by 60 by 25 centimetres.

Assembly tools and instructions
Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe comes with tools, fitting kit and simple to follow instructions to help you assemble easily with just you and another person enough to complete the job.

  • Solid pine in an antique colour in a lacquered long lasting finish
  • Self-assembly piece of bedroom furniture with only two individuals required
  • The packaging of the item indicates the exact item (s) on the inside

Customer reviews/scores
The Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe will help you make the most of every small space in the bedroom to keep all accessories and clothes clean and safe. If you are into things with an antique finish you'll love this wardrobe and you will be in agreement with the customer review on Amazon who highly recommends it with five stars and believes it "looks great", "easy assembly" and "well packaged".

Transforming your bedroom with quality, well designed and functional furniture is everything and the Julian Bowen Pickwick 3 Door Pine Wardrobe lets you accomplish this in a single easy to assemble product from the Pickwick collection.